Heatechs is an award winning Lebanese company that offers environmentally friendly solutions to problems related to cooling and heating using the latest material technology. Led by an ambitious team of engineering graduates, Heatechs has been doing extensive R&D on different applications of PCM technology and how it can be integrated in different products, which allowed us to create sustainable and high quality products for various uses including night conditioning, hot and cold therapy etc. With the help and support of our local and international partners, we push to break the boundaries of technology in order to improve the quality of life in our community.

Featuring a unique and flexible design, it can be applied to any area of the body (shoulders, neck, biceps, triceps, thighs etc.). By introducing the newest gel technology, this product is reusable, easy to use, and can be employed for both cold and hot therapy. It is perfect for post-gym muscle soreness, sports injuries, muscle swelling, joint pain, period pains, and body aches providing you with fast and reliable pain relief.